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Looking for a way of keeping your team connected? Plan a co-living experience that can bring your team members together in the perfect workation for remote workers.

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Work, live and connect.

Remote work can be challenging: connecting with co-workers you have never met, living the day to day digital nomad’s struggles, or not always feeling completely understood by your teammates located all around the world.

Team retreats help location-independent teams and individuals find a connection that will not only boost their work motivation but also help build stronger bonds inside the team.

Sharedd wants to help you find the perfect housing for that dream work vacation you and your team deserve.

Team Oriented Housing

Sharedd accommodation for team retreats has special features that intend to assure your employees full privacy and comfort while creating a bigger sense of community within your team.

A co-living experience might just be what your remote team needs in order to connect and grow together improving their performance by strengthing the relations with other co-workers. Explore our flexible housing options for a community oriented month of work.

Bring your online team to the offline world

Happy and connected employees are the secret ingredient for successful businesses. Remember: the more you give the more you get!


Find the balance between work and vacation. Sharedd offers perfectly located houses in the heart of your destination or one ticket away from the beach, forest, or mountains so that your team can enjoy the after work as much as they enjoy working!

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