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Everything You Need to Know About Working Abroad

Working abroad is a wonderful experience for everyone who is looking for a fresh adventure, expanding the mind and knowledge over other cultures. Once you have chosen the perfect country, where you would love to live for some time, you will be ready to know everything that country can do for you.

Who is this guide for?

This complete Working Abroad Guide is for all the professionals, trainees and students  planning on upgrading their career with a professional experience abroad!

What will you find on this guide?

  • How can you prepare youself to successfuly find a job a abroad
  • What it really takes to work abroad
  • The best websites to look for a job abroad
  • Tips to find the safest and most affordable accommodation when working abroad

1st Chapter

What is Working Abroad?

2nd Chapter

How Can I Start Working abroad to Improve My Skills?

3rd Chapter

Top 5 Websites to Find a Job Abroad

4th Chapter

How Much Money Can I Make if I Start Working Abroad?​

5th Chapter

Five Things I Wish Someone had Told Me Before Going to Work Abroad

6th Chapter

Find the Best Accommodation Abroad!

Chapter 1

What is working abroad and why so many successful people decide to do it?

The start of your career abroad

In today’s world of work, it is very important to be highly prepared, competitiveness is extremely rigid and job opportunities are reduced when you do not have a suitable or superior profile to others.

In today’s world of work, it is very important to be highly prepared, competitiveness is extremely rigid and job opportunities are reduced when you do not have a suitable or superior profile to others.

There is a totally unique experience linked to the work field, which is based mainly on the opportunity to work abroad, that is, an opportunity to acquire knowledge, exchange cultures, learn a new language, get to know the society of another nation, have more work experience, and above all prepare for total immersion in a foreign country with a different way of life.

The working abroad consists of the total change of environment of a worker, a student, a volunteer who are willing to enter a new culture different from his or her own.  Through different programs, organizations, companies it is possible to apply for working abroad, the main objective of this idea is that a person obtains a series of advantages through the knowledge and time of residence in another place very different from the usual one.

This is highly recommended for people who have finished their studies and find that the labor field is highly populated and that increasingly is looking for people with better profiles. Through working abroad is possible to improve the curriculum and likewise is possible to improve as a person, because in these trips to other nations, a person grows and learns the culture and language of another place, this is very important to apply for a job back in the individual’s country.

It is the best way to expand the horizons, even for students, study in other places is very beneficial for their knowledge, even more so for those who specialize in programs that require high international influence, for example students of languages, hospitality and tourism, international business, international relations, among other jobs that are assimilated to those mentioned.

Although it seems a difficult idea to realize, day by day working abroad is more and more common in most nations, because the cultural exchange and personal growth of a person without a doubt doubly impressive. This is something that many companies in the world wish to have, a person who is really trained and at the same time very prepared to exercise important work positions.

This great way of being professionally suitable for life, brings with it a series of advantages, very enviable for anyone who wants to enter the world of work, since the level of a person grows to such a level that the curriculum becomes more valuable when within it there are previous experiences in other cultures.

A Life of Work and Adventures

When working in another country, it is not only about working, but the person is immersed in a new culture completely.  This is very beneficial, since someone who is in that situation can easily learn the language of that country, learn how the culture of work is, socialize with people with a different vision of their country, exchange knowledge with the natives, grow personally by expanding the horizons and in addition to that have more contacts in the world that I can do very useful for life.These experiences serve mainly so that when a person returns to his country he arrives more prepared and thus has even more possibilities to grow and be so successful in his nation, although there are people who, through this opportunity tend to stay in the countries where they are temporarily residing.  Whatever an individual’s decision is, the important thing is that they feel very comfortable and at the same time have the best person through the experience.

A very common mistake that people make is to think that their native language alone is enough, this is not entirely true.  With the great competitiveness that exists now, to learn more languages is fundamental to reach higher positions.  It has been proven that the best way to learn a new language is to live in the country where that language is spoken; this can be achieved by working abroad.

Getting into the world of these working abroad programs is not so difficult nowadays, in fact there are many websites that are totally focused on this idea, including the experience of just being in that new environment, but also having the possibility of interacting like other people in co-living and co-working in another country flat sharing in a city.

The Key for Success

Among the websites to get this opportunity, some stand out more than others, because they have great time working in that way, are very safe, and famous for their quality.  Among those that are worth mentioning are “Jooble”, “Go Abroad”, and “Easy Expert”.

Successful people around the world, generally were in a previous experience like this, are highly prepared people, who have a lot of general knowledge, they know a lot about other cultures, and most likely speak several languages.  That’s why these people have dream jobs for many, very well paid salaries and above all they have a different vision of the world, since they have had the possibility to know something more of their normal environment. Working abroad is something that without a doubt is one of the best decisions that a person can make for his life, it is something that you cannot miss.

If you really want to reach the top of success in your life, through working abroad is one of the best ways to achieve your goal, your objective, your dream.  You will not regret for a second that you applied for this way of gaining experience, you can learn from people in that new country, you can learn a new language, you can grow culturally, and you will have an enviable curriculum.

Your personal and professional success is waiting for you, it is up to you to join the working abroad to achieve it, so don’t think about it anymore, it’s time to decide to make that big change in your life, and through this many doors around the world will be opened to you, the possibilities of being an important person in the world can increase thanks to this great experience. What are you waiting for to apply to a working abroad?

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Chapter 2

How can I start working abroad to improve my skills?

Get to know what it takes to start!

Working abroad is a magnificent experience that can give you many chances to enhance your life and open doors to start an international career. If you have a multicultural influence, and you can speak more than just your principal language, you will be able to try more opportunities in more countries, while you can do whatever you like to do.

In this era, working abroad has become a normal thing, so you can work with people from other cultures and realities. This will give you an idea of how amazing and wide the world is.

This work opportunity offers you many benefits because you can practice a foreign language, get out of your comfort zone and try many new things that you have never done before. You can widen your perspectives and build up your CV with this kind of experience.

However, to start this amazing journey, you should know many things, so it can be easier for you to earn with this working method.

Get all your documents ready to start working.

If you are looking to work abroad no matter how much you want it, first you will need to count on all the documents to work in the country that you are willing to go. Those documents will be the ones that you need to practice your profession in that place, however, this could not be easy the first time and cost some money, but with resilience, you will get them all.

Make sure to find the visa that allows you to stay in the country, and see how much time you can live there to avoid any incidents, ask any question you have in the embassy of that country in your place, get your passport and diplomas and start looking for the perfect job. Once you get all your documents, you could go there and start working.

Find the perfect country for you and look for a place to live.

Search for all the information that you need of the country that you aspire to select the city that better adapts to your lifestyle. Once there look for the ideal place to live, you will need something you can afford and leave some money to do other fun things. However, you can always book a room in a local hotel until you find the perfect place to live in.

Another option is flat-sharing, so you could save some money and get to know some colleagues or amazing people while you are co-living with them. This way you will have more money to invest in something or going places in the place that you selected.

Your health is important, make sure to have a health insurance.

While choosing your destiny and the company that you want to work with, you should pay attention if they offer health insurance for you, because it will make you feel secure in that foreign place. This is important because in some countries they do not offer medical attention to foreigners for free so if you are not able to pay one and suffer an accident or illness you will have a bad time.

Start looking for the best place to find a job to accomplish your goals.

When you are looking to work abroad, you really need to think about why you want to do this activity and all the benefits that this will bring to your professional life.

To start looking you can always begin with working abroad websites that will let you know everything that you need to start and offer you work opportunities in a wide selection of languages and careers, where you can search based on your experience and abilities.

Some companies can offer these opportunities for everyone so pay attention of the ones that are related to your career to look forward to this working world.

Once you have selected the company or employer that offers you the best choice, you will need to apply for that job by making an exquisite bid on it, telling them everything that you can do.

It is very important to apply to the job with an adequate CV for the country that you are aspiring to go to. You must prepare yourself for the job interviews that can be a bit different from the ones that you are used to, even some of them are in the country’s language so you can take this as an advantage if you know how to properly speak in that language.

Once you have applied to the work the company or employer will see everything that you can offer them and if you pass their expectation, they will surely call you or send you an email to offer you the opportunity to work with them.

As you can see working abroad can be a marvelous experience to live because you will learn many things like the culture and language of the country where you go, but also amazing colleagues and people that will help you with everything once you are there.

Dare to live the experience of working abroad and improve your career with all the things that you will learn in the place you selected.

Chapter 3

Top 5 Websites to Find a Job Abroad

The job you choose can change your life!

Working abroad can be one of the most pleasant experiences in the world if you find the correct job for you, because you will be able know other cultures, languages and marvelous people.

When you decide to start looking for a job abroad, there are many options to follow. However, looking for opportunities online is always one of the favorite options. Many websites are specialized to offer you the best jobs in the world depending on your profession and abilities.

These sites will help you find the perfect job to work abroad for you and will help you apply for them, and give you information about the payment, location, and some features of your future charge in the corporation.

There is more, you can even find direct employers who are looking people for individual projects in which you can help and not only big corporations, so you can find better chances of getting a job.

Let us talk about five of the most amazing websites that will help you find a job abroad.


This is a website specialized in finding a job to people who are looking for fresh experiences in another country, it counts with a database with thousands of programs to choose the perfect one for you, they adequate to your profession and abilities.

This website is a perfect resource for everyone looking to work overseas; you can find any kind of work here to be paid or to offer yourself as a volunteer for some cause.

In the main page, you will find much information about their programs, you can click on the one you like the most and see more detailed information and feedback from people that already made the program, and there you can see if the experience will be great.

They count with a button that will help you find the perfect program for you if you are overwhelmed by the amount of them that are available in the website, when you click on it a questionnaire will appear, complete it and send it. The website will suggest you the program that will suit you better.

Easy Expat

It is a great website that will help you find a job abroad but not only that, there you can find many things like the place where you will live, a roommate, furniture and more things.

It counts with a vast community where you can share your experiences and ask people from the country you are interested in, all the information to have a successful attempt to get a job there.

It will not only show you the job opportunities but also they organize all the information needed for the country that you want to work in categories.

One of its main categories is the job listing, of course, here you can post you CV and show the world your studies, capacities, and abilities, you will be instantly applying for many jobs with just uploading that information here, if someone wants to hire you, you will be notified instantly. Take into count that many employers will see your CV so always try to have an updated version.

Another great section on this website is the one called the cost of living that will show you how much money you need to live in that country to live decently, so you can compare that with the money that the employer is offering you.


This website is one of the best for everyone who is looking to work in another country, especially if you are looking for a job in a developing country.

This easy to use website allows employers to submit their offers so many people can watch them and answer if they would like to take that job. After that, employers will select the person who better adequates to what they are looking for, so it is important to make a wonderful impression to get the job.

It works worldwide you will find job opportunities in every country with this website, so go check it out, and try to find the job that better suits you.


This is one of the most reliable websites to find a job abroad; the British Universities North America Club is a website that will help you find your dreamed work.

Here you can find job offers in any country of every continent by just making some clicks; they organize the website as the others in categories, where you can choose the ones that better suit your personal abilities or profession. They can be really helpful as they even explain to you to get your visa to the country you want to go to.

It is interesting because they show you all the primary features of the programs that they offer, like how much the employer is paying, the duration of the work, and even if they are looking for someone like you. Most of the jobs offered are in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and the UK.

If you are interested in serving as a volunteer for a good cause you can always use this website too, because they count on an enormous amount of volunteer causes. However, if you are looking for a job, or to serve as a volunteer, this is the ideal site.

Transitions Abroad

As its name said, they offer a transition experience by changing your life, making you a better person while you learn about other cultures in the world. It is the perfect website to look for opportunities in every country.

They offer a wide selection of categories where you can opt for any kind of job; here you can find job opportunities for everyone, from bartenders to medical doctors.

This offers not only programs for a time, but they also offer you how to learn to achieve your dreamed perfect career in another country.

As you can see, many websites will help you with finding a job in another country, check them all!

Chapter 4

How much money can I make if I start working abroad?

Working abroad is a new world of opportunities. You can find many jobs available that would pay really well.

 However, before starting to work, you need to know every detail of the payment and if that money is enough to live well by yourself or you would need a roommate, for example.


There are many ways of making money in a foreign country, sometimes you can choose yourself the amount of money that you will make by multitasking, as we like to think, there are no limits to get money.

Work abroad will give you one of the best experiences, while you calm your need for adventures, in a foreign country you can find a good climate, welcoming people and great culture.

Despite all of that one of the principal motivations to work abroad is to make money, working outside could provide you a good amount of money that would change your life and your family’s. Many people like to go out for some time so when they come back home they would be able to achieve their projects and goals with the money they made.

However, you must be asking why these countries offer those well-paid works, they know there are many people in other countries that count with the experience and abilities to take on the job, and offering a great salary over the one that they get in their country is always a good deal for them.

There will be a significant exchange you will be giving your knowledge and they will pay you for that. Normally working abroad, you can make more money than your colleagues back home can, and in some years, you can completely change the financial situation of your family.

Recent studies have shown that your incomes could jump by more than a third if you go to work abroad, especially if you are young between the 20–35 years old, they say that millennials and gen Z people have become the better-paid people in the market.

In this study, the average earnings of these people were about $40.500 and it increases to almost $55.000, which is a remarkable difference. However, people over 35 years old increase their incomes in about a quarter when they go working abroad according to this research.

You will gain not only money, but you will also develop new skills and capacities in these cities, it will make you a more competitive employee and it will make you feel more confident about your work.

The money you can make working abroad will depend on the country and your abilities.

There are many countries in the world where the salaries are higher than other ones, sometimes these countries are looking for people with exceptional and unique abilities to work for them.

For these reasons, they are able to hire people from around the world offering a substantial amount of money monthly.

One of these nations is the UK, working there can completely change your life, the salaries are great, some professionals can even make the exorbitant amount of $390.000 a year with all the benefits from a company.

UK unemployment is almost inexistent so you could have a marvelous chance to find a job there that will give you an appreciable amount of money.

If you would love to work in Asia, you could find a job in Japan, where they have to make easier the entire document for skilled and professional people searching for an opportunity. Here, if you find any decent work, do not expect less than $50.000 per year, but when you get a promotion, you will earn more to at least $375.000 per year if you achieve a management workplace.

Another impressive place to work abroad is in Canada, companies there are always looking for skilled and professional people. Many jobs there will give you at least $70.000 a year in the initial years. However, you can earn more money anytime when you gain experience; another benefit of this country is that they offer everything to immigrants to make easier their stay if they are professionals.

Hong Kong has become one of the best places to make a lot of money; they offer a real progression to your career helping you to achieve your goals. People who work abroad here saw an increase in their incomes in about 41%, making from about $40.000 to almost $60.000 a year, and the percentage is even better if you get a better job.

As these countries, there are many others, where you can get great salaries if you are looking for a job there, like Switzerland, Turkey, the USA, France, China, and Singapore, for example.

There are many ways to earn money working abroad; as you could see, the amount of money increased drastically when you take part in this adventure.


However, the money you make there should be able to give you a better lifestyle in general and to help your family back home. You must also consider how much it costs to live in that place immediately because, yes, you can make a lot of money but there are places that are very expensive to live in.

By managing the information about how much money you will have free at the end of the month it is really important to really see the money that you are making abroad. You must pay attention to how much you have after paying for everything there like your residence and general services. In order to increase your incoming, you can also live with a roommate; flat-sharing will give you some benefits saving money.

As you could read, there are things that you must take into consideration when you are looking for a place to working abroad, because depending on the country, your age, and skills you will be able to make more or less money. You should always take the best option for you and the greatest company or employer that will provide you with the best deal.


Chapter 5

Five things I wish someone had told me before going to work abroad!

Working abroad is a life-changing experience. People who have made this journey say that they will do it again.

Going to another country and knowing new places and cultures will change your mind.You can do many things in these foreign countries that will help you with your work and capacities.

When you look for all the information that you need to go to work abroad in another country, you think that is enough and you do not need anything else. Once in the place, you see that some things are not how you expected them to be and you wish that someone had told you about it.

The employer offers you many things to convince you to go there and work for them, some of those things that can take all your attention is to learn about the culture of the country, learn its language and overall open your mind. Yes, that can be a reality but the actual thing is that working abroad will let you know yourself better it is a life-changing experience that will make you value everything around you.

Some little details will make from your experience a better one. That is why we are going to tell you some things you must take into account before going to work abroad.

Meet incredible colleagues and people is easy, maintaining the relationship is not.

When you start to work abroad is possible that the company that hired you, hired other people from your country or at least a similar one, when you get to know them the conversations will be fluid and you will feel at home because they share the same feelings as you about this new place.

You would love to do many things with them before opening to the opportunity to know people from the country because you can feel that you are in your comfort zone, you can even get to flatsharing your place with them because getting a roommate from your country will make things easier.

However, these new friendly relationships will be hard to maintain because every time you will meet new amazing people and your friends too, that will make you go distinct paths so maintaining friendships will be hard.

Take always in mind to meet many people in the country you selected to work and get out of your comfort zone to explore fresh opportunities and new skills that will help you with your professional life.

Get all your documents in the rule is an essential thing to do.

If you are going abroad, you must know there are many documents that you must get before going there.

After you select the place where you would like to go, you need to see all the documents you need to go there. Take some time before the actual trip to get them all.

Some countries will ask you for a Visa that can be difficult to get in some opportunities especially if you are going to work for a long time -not just a summer- this will require many visits to the embassy if that country for example.

Get your passport ready and check it is not about to expire, ask if you need any medical certification or laboratories, and be sure to take the yellow fever shot if you are going to a tropical country because it is a fundamental requirement.

In the end, you will feel relieved if you get all this done before the trip day, if you have any doubt please ask anyone who can help you avoid any incident.

Enjoy everything that country has to offer you.

A foreign country is always an unknown place waiting for you to explore it. If you have the opportunity, you must take the chance to go to most places you can visit.

There are always must-see places in every town and country but you must be ready to also take on places that are not that known, in that way you will be able to really see what the country really has to offer you and get to know its culture from another perspective.

Therefore, if someday you come back to that country with some relatives or friends you will be able to show them the country in a unique way that no one would be able to show them.

Take advantage of what the employer or company has to offer you.

Many companies will offer you some advantages over others; look at all the benefits that they will give you.

One thing to pay attention is to know how much money they will pay you and ask some people from the country or on websites how much money you would need to live decently in that country.

The amount of available money for you to spend will give you the freedom to do whatever you want, so choose the company that pays better.

Some companies even offer you places to live with other employees, co-living with them could be great and you will save some money too.

Look for information about if they offer you health insurance; that is really important because in some countries health is not free and in case you get a disease or suffer an accident, you will need health coverage to stay calm.

Save money in the best currency for you.

While you work abroad, your incomes will be in the local currency, check if saving in this currency is better than the currency back home, and save money in that currency.

Then if you go back home your savings will be protected, you will be able to secure your life and your family’s. All the savings will help you achieve your goals.

As you can see, there are many things that you should know before going abroad, with this list of advices we hope you can take in all the opportunities that you can find in that country.

Chapter 6

Find the Best Accommodation Abroad

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