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Renata A.

Graphic Designer
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Lionel H.

Community Manager
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Business Analyst
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Victor D.

Professional Actor
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Why stay at Sharedd?

Flexible living for digital nomads and remote workers.

Community On Your Own Terms

How you choose to manage your social life is totally up to you and community events will never disturb your privacy. Sharedd network of Community Managers plan events and actions that fit with our members’ diverse goals to assure the satisfaction of a truly multidisciplinary community.


Enjoy Real Lifestyle Flexibility

Digital nomads know how important it is to have an accommodation that matches their flexible lifestyle. Sharedd will help you find the perfect harmony between work and social life! By booking per room Sharedd gives you the freedom to move-in and move-out with easiness. Finding accommodation becomes fun instead of a headache! 


Privacy At An Affordable Price

Benefit from high-quality digital nomad accommodation with a diverse range of prices! We make sure your stay is as affordable, convenient, and secure as possible by keeping in mind your needs! 


Ready to start your remote life?