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Hi, my name is Caterina, I’m Italian and I have been working in Spain for the last 3 years. Since Covid started, my company decided to move to a remote-first work environment, that’s when I decided to leave my apartment in Barcelona and start to travel. I got the chance to know about Sharedd when arrived in Portugal.

I’ve spent some weeks in Porto, where I met lovely people with whom I shared great moments! Looking forward to finding new destinations!

What do you do for work?

I am a business analyst, so I spend most of my working day between meetings and different types of research. I work for a software company with offices in Barcelona and San Francisco.

What are you most passionate about?

I have three big passions. Firstly, as many digital nomads, I love traveling, that’s why I decided to embrace this life-style. I love it because I like changes, I like try and doing new things and experiences and finally I like meeting new people, and to me traveling combines all this! My second passion is sports. I play soccer, I love hiking and skiing. I dive, I sometimes surf and I recently learned to kite-surf. Lastly, I love food in general. When I visit new places I cannot miss their specialties!

Reason for joining Sharedd

I loved many aspects of my experience with Sharedd. The booking was really easy and fast, and for someone who used to book at least a new place a month is something I value a lot. Staff is really helpful and always available. The apartments are always located in a really nice area of the city, and thanks to the great vibes in the house, I ended up making new friends, so… Thanks Sharedd

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