easybnb & coskhouse

Two seasons,
one goal.

Don’t just make your property fit the market, make the market fit your property with our innovative joined solution.

International experienced team

High reputation and positioning in the residential rental market.

Smart Mid Long-term Rental

In Coskhouse we are specialists in flatsharing with more than 12 years of experience in the field. 

Our smart renting technique allows you to optimize your properties occupancy by renting per room. 

Short-term made easy

In easyBNB we will manage your property on the short-term rental market, providing full service to guests coming as tourists or for business trips.

Our short-term rental strategy and advanced tools generate up to 20% higher revenue than Airbnb alone thanks to advertising our properties on more than 35 global platforms like Airbnb, Booking.com or Homeway.

Award-winning Team

Fastest growing short-term rental company in Central Europe

The Perfect Joined Solution!

Our companies are top players in the market residential rental market: yes, we know exactly what we do!

You don’t need to choose between long or short-term rental anymore. Coskhouse and easyBNB  joined efforts in order to give you a rental solution that is sustainable, trustworthy and more profitable all year, all seasons, for all properties.

We gathered the best features of our services to offer you a complete renting plan allowing you to take benefit of both seasons.

Our Numbers

With our combined service there is no such thing as low season! We find different types of tenants depending on the seasons assuring your property stays occupied without ever depending on holidays or academic year. Your property stays the same while we simply adapt the way it is rented.

1 %
more incomes

Most profitable solution in residential rentals.

1 %

Our joined solution leaves no place for vacancy.

1 %
happy landlords

Your satisfaction is our priority!

Choose a renting plan that really fits your needs

Features & benefits


– flat advertising on 35 global platforms

– smart pricing optimisation

– city tax and foreign police reporting

– professional photoshoot

– maintenance & 24/7 support

Combined solution

– ALL Coskhouse mid long-term flatsharing services for steady incomes

– ALL easy BNB short-term rental features for a profitable holiday season

Coskhouse flatsharing

– listing for free

– tenants prospection

-automatic lease

– property advertising and pictures

– secure tenants presence


Let us help you grow!

How it Works

We make sure the process of listing is as transparent and easy as possible! Our main goal is to allow you to rent your property smartly, with more earnings and zero waste of time! We look forward to  know more about your property and offer you free consulting and free and realistic estimation of your future incomes.



Tell us about your property!

Fill the form to make the listing process faster and easier. Give us as many details as possible about your property.


we offer you a personalized solution!

Our teams will analyse your information and provide you not only the income estimate you could earn using our services but also the action plan how to move forward in the most efficient way.


List your property and start earning!

After receiving all necessary information from you we will list your property and find the perfect tenants for you in record time, without visits or stress!


 This form is the first step to start renting smartly. Without any commitment, allow us to know more about  your property and your goals so we can help you!

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Give us few details and our booking team will find the best solution for you

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