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Seaside Destinations

Remote work leads to a remote life, which ideally means a lot of sun and beach! 

Try new water sports, such as surf and snorkeling, feast on quality fish and seafood, and absorb all the vitamin D a seaside destination can offer you! Finish your day of remote work with your feet in the sand, and truly enjoy the opportunities a flexible lifestyle can give you! 

seaside coliving accommodation

Trendiest Coliving Spaces

Looking to live a co-living in a seaside destination?

We are specialists in shareable accommodation, being it a co-living or flatshare the communal properties listed in Sharedd are made to meet and connect.

We offer a selection of perfectly located properties, close to transports, grocery shops, well-known restaurants, and parks!


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Meet travelers not only from your destination city but from the entire world living in our co-living and flatshare spaces!

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