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Urban Life Destinations

Big cities for big ideas!

Live in some of the best European cities, boiling with new projects and offering new opportunities at every corner. Choose an urban lifestyle, meet the right people and bring your ideas to life during your remote year abroad! 


Prague is an open museum, where every street has a history and every park is a green escape!


Get the best of both worlds, with the dynamic city of Barcelona, planted right next to the sea.


Porto carries the soul of the north of Portugal! Trendy, affordable, and with great cultural offers.


Arts and sciences meet in the bike-friendly and perfectly sized city of Valencia!


Live an iconic remote year in Berlin, where being different is welcome!


Being it Buda or Pest, live inside the real-life postcard that Budapest is.


Small in size, but big in charm, Krakow is one of the best remote year destination in Poland!


Madrid has big city vibes and is the right place if you mean business during your remote year!


Let Milan be the stage for your remote life and grab the thousands of opportunities the fashion capital gives you!


Paris is made of a different fabric. Get a real french experience in one of the most famous capitals in the whole world!


Upgrade your nomad life with a remote year in the financial capital of Switzerland, Zurich. Spare no expenses in a city of luxurious life and chocolate!


Walk the streets of history in the beautiful city of Florence and grab a taste of the dolce vita!

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